Jamaican Ackee Cake Recipe, an original and tasty Jamaican recipe.
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St. Ann Ackee Cake Recipe

The most original and unique Jamaican recipe with Ackee

St. Ann Ackee Cake 
This is another splendid ackee recipe from Jamaica
cup sugar 
cup whipped cream 
1 can ackee pureed
1 cup gelatin melted
1.      Cover the eight-inch moulds with aluminum foil and place plain cake in the mould.
2.      Puree the ackee and set aside.
3.      Make a meringue with egg whites and sugar. 
4.      Add the melted gelatin in the meringue.
5.      While mixing add the ackee puree. 
6.      Fold with whipped cream.
7.      Pour the mixture in the preparation moulds and freeze until set. 

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