Ocho Rios cruise ship excursions
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Jamaican cruises to Ocho Rios

If you want to visit the beautiful town of Ocho Rios, you will find it on Jamaica's North Coast. This resort town was one time a little fishing village and banana port, but today this location boast one of the largest cruise ship port in Jamaica. Additionally, this is most popular port in the Western Caribbean, because of the magnificent waterfalls, rivers, white sand beaches and other attractions readily available for visitors to fun-filled excursions on-shore.

Ocho Rios Jamaica

When you travel on one of the cruise ships which dock in this town, you will find an abundance of things to do and see in this tropical harbor with scenic views. Besides relaxing on the beautiful white sand beach to get a gorgeous tan in the brilliant sunshine, there will be a selection of fantastic Ocho Rios cruise ship excursions adventures in and around the town. You can enjoy things like snorkeling, shopping, mountain bike riding, plantation tours, botanical gardens tours, horseback riding, rafting and river tubing escapades. The beach lovers can find a number of spots in this town such as Boscobel, Mahogany, James Bond and Turtle beach.

Undoubtedly, the most beneficial way to view the natural beauty of Jamaica is definitely to book some of the shore adventures. The cruise ship can offer a wide range of excursions for Ocho Rios Jamaica, but ensure that you pay attention to the cost for each person before making the arrangements. All of these excursions tend to be extremely popular and are usually sold out quickly, so try to make your vacations early.

An additional option for booking the Ocho Rios cruise ship excursions is to look at the offerings for the independent tour operators in Jamaica. You will find that all the tour providers will offer different rates, so you have to compare to identify the best deals. One of the recognized companies on the island is the Jamaica's Union of Travelers Association or JUTA, as they are popularly called.
If you did not get a chance to make the reservations before arriving on the island, there will be tour operators at the pier to take you on your excursions, but this is the last resort and you might not get a deal.
Ocho Rios boasts a number of fun based activities which include both land and water sports activities, so you might be overwhelmed with the numerous options. But, one of the popular spots for visitors is the Dunn's River Falls and Park, because visitors are always fascinated to take up the challenge of climbing the waterfalls which is over 600 ft. This is shaped similar to a gigantic staircase, cascading down to create cool swimming pools amongst the rocks, nestled within the picturesque tropical trees.

If you don't feel up this challenge, you can always enjoy the beach which is at the bottom of the waterfalls. But, do not forget to travel with your bathing suit and water-resistant digital camera. The water shoes and lockers are available for rental on the property.

Whatever you decide to do once you reach Ocho Rios, you are guaranteed to have truly unforgettable experiences. The only difficulty you will have is time management, because you will have a limited time to enjoy the variety of activities. In order to save some time, try to plan for the excursions which are closest to the town of Ocho Rios, possibly only thirty minutes away.

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