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Kingston Ackee Cheescake Recipe

Kingston Ackee Cheesecake
A splendid cheesecake recipe made from delicious ackee
can ackee 
1 cup ice cream 
1 cup cream cheese 
cup sugar 
7 eggs
1 cup biscuit crumbs 
cup melted butter 
1.      Mix melted butter and biscuit crumbs. 
2.      Cover two (8 inch) rings with aluminum foil.
3.      Put the crumbs mix into the rings and press them to make a base. 
4.      Mix sugar and cream cheese. 
5.      Add eggs. 
6.      Add ice cream. 
7.      Fold in the chopped ackee. 
8.      Pour the mixture into the prepared mould. 
9.      Bake in a moderate oven at 325F 350F. 

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