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Jamaican Food Article. - Jamaican Cucumber

The inner temperature of a Jamaican cucumber can be up to 20 degrees cooler than the outside air. No wonder these are such a summertime favorite!

Jamaican cucumbers were believed to have originated in
India and spread through Europe. Jamaican cucumbers made their way into Jamaican agriculture by the mid-16 century. Cool and moist due to their high water content. Jamaican cucumbers belong to the same family as Jamaican pumpkins, Jamaican watermelon and other squashes.

 There are several varieties of Jamaican cucumber; the most popular  varieties are available year round. Jamaican cucumbers are also known as regular Jamaican cucumbers with soft, edible seeds. The skin is often waxed to seal in moisture. Jamaican cucumbers are sometimes known as gourmet Jamaican cucumbers, "burpless", or seedless Jamaican cucumbers. This variety has seeds that are very small but do not need to be removed. Longer and thinner than regular Jamaican cucumbers this variety is usually shrink-wrapped to seal in moisture because they are not waxed.

Itís important to look for firm Jamaican cucumbers with rich green color and no soft spots. Jamaican cucumbers that bulge in the middle, usually most likely means its filled with large watery seeds and tasteless flesh. Whole Jamaican cucumbers should be refrigerated in a crisper for up to a week. Un-waxed Jamaican cucumbers will easily lose moisture so keep them wrapped tightly in plastic.

Wash; removing seeds and peeling depends on the variety and is optional. To seed, slice in half lengthwise and scrape out with the tip of a teaspoon. Add a decorative touch to your veggie platter. Run tines of a fork down the entire length of the Jamaican cucumber, penetrating the peel. Slice crosswise.

Add sliced Jamaican cucumbers to tossed Jamaican salad recipes. Shred Jamaican cucumbers and mix with dill and low fat or fat free sour cream for a tasty dip or accompaniment to a salmon entree. Use Jamaican cucumbers as an edible garnish to your main dishes. Serve Jamaican cucumbers on your veggie platters at your next gathering. Try Jamaican cucumber gazpacho with diced Jamaican cucumbers, Jamaican sweet peppers, Jamaican escallions, Jamaican garlic, and Jamaican tomato juice, stir, chill and serve.

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