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Jamaican cruises and excursions

Most people hear about the cruise trips to most of the Caribbean Islands and they are always wondering what makes the destination of Jamaica a popular choice for most travelers. Well, for many years now the island of Jamaica has been captivating the hearts of the tourist who arrive on ships or airplane, with its pristine white sand beaches, natural beauty, reggae music, spicy food and a wide range of attractions and activities. You will find places like the long stretch of serene beaches in Negril or Port Antonio with the lush mountainside and the sunlit skies in the background catching the attention of thousands visitors each year.

Travel to Jamaica

If you check the travel reports, you will realize that actually more than fifty percent of the overall visitors coming to the Caribbean will visit Jamaica. A huge percentage of these visitors take advantage of luxury cruise ships in order to reach the coast line of Jamaica. Presently, there are numerous Jamaica cruises and they cater to many different types of vacationers from high-class to budget. All of these cruises have turned out to be extremely popular amongst the vacationers, since they offer one of a kind voyaging experienced with top quality services, as well as luxurious amenities. Carnival, Celebrity, Costa, Royal Caribbean and Holland-America happen to be the primary cruise ships which offer trips to Jamaica.

When you are selecting the cruise liner, this will depend on the kind of experience you want. For example, Carnival is well-known for offering excellent value for your money, in contrast to the Holland-America cruise ship which is a lot more high-end and therefore the packages are bit costly. The three primary ports which welcome ships in Jamaica can be found in Montego Bay, Ocho Rios or Port Antonio.

The Ocho Rio pier is undoubtedly the largest and is also the most popular and more visitor friendly facility. When passengers arrive at this pier, they are only required to walk about ten minutes to get to the center of the town.
The second largest port is the one in the city of Montego Bay. You will find a range of restaurants, clubs, bars and popular beaches like Doctor's Cave which is known worldwide for the mineral springs and crystal waters which most people believe have curative healing powers. The Port Antonio port is much smaller, but it is by far the most romantic spot with its tranquil surroundings and relaxing setting.

The winter season, which starts in December and end in March, is actually the most popular time for the cruise ships in Jamaica. To a greater extent, this could happen because of the appeal of the beautiful sunshine at this destination even throughout the winter, which help to make the visitors from up North flock the shores of Jamaica. Because of the traffic during this time the Jamaica cruises will end up being more costly. For that reason, if you want to save some money on this trip it will be best to travel during the summer holidays. Nevertheless, remember that the hurricane season will start during this time, so you have to prepare for anything. In general, if you put much thought into the planning of this voyage, you will get to have memorable and fun experiences.

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