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Jerk BQ Chicken Appetizers

A landmark recipe using both the renowned jerk and barbeque recipes 
3 lb Chicken wing drums
cup coarsely chopped garlic*
2 stalks escallion chopped finely*
tsp allspice (pimento)*
cup onion minced*
1 tsp curry powder*
tsp chopped scotch bonnet pepper*
1 tbsp brown sugar
tsp salt
3 tbsp Jamaican jerk sauce 
cup coconut milk
2 garlic cloves minced
2 stalks escallion minced
cup vinegar
cup ketchup
tbsp brown sugar
3 stalks lettuce
2 twigs parsley
Preparing the marinade ingredients* in a blender until smooth.
Marinate chicken and refrigerate overnight.
Grill over hot coals until done, brushing frequently with coconut milk.
Serve garnished lettuce and parsley
Use other dry ingredients combine with ketchup, vinegar and other dry ingredients and place in blender. Remove and then bring the mixture to a boil and then serve with drums.

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