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Portmore Crab Backs

On any given Sunday you can see Portmore residents with bags catching large land crabs. This is a delicious Portmore recipe.
tsp salt
tsp black pepper
3 slices of hard dough bread
2 tomatoes chopped
3 stalks escallion finely chopped
1 cup milk
2 tbsp margarine
1 lg chopped onion
cup bread crumbs
8 large crabs
After boiling crabs extract crabmeat from claws and clean crab backs and reserve the shells.
Soak the bread slices in milk and add onion, escallions, tomatoes, black pepper, salt and crabmeat.
After mixing well place the crab mixture in the crab back shells.
Preheat the oven to approximately 375 Degrees then add crab backs for 20 minutes.
Serve hot.

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