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Jamaican Barbeque Plantain Recipe

Jamaican Barbequed Sweet Ripe Plantain Recipe
This is a great Jamaican plantain recipe that uses ripened Jamaican plantains cooked with Jamaican beef. This is a popular Jamaican plantain recipe.
4 very ripe Jamaican plantains (black), peeled
cup of seasoned (cooked) ground Jamaican beef
4 slices of white cheese
4 strips of Jamaican guava
1. On a hot grill, place the peeled Jamaican plantains for about 7 minutes.
2. Turn and grill for 7 more minutes so that each side is cooked evenly. Once golden brown, use a small knife to slice the plantains lengthwise down the middle.
3. Stuff them with cheese and Jamaican guava and with the cooked ground Jamaican beef.
4. Place the plantains back in the grill for 2 more minutes or until the cheese is melted.
This is a popular Jamaican plantain recipe that can be served as a Jamaican appetizer or as a main dish depending on the stuffing being used.

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