Jamaican mango and banana split is a unique and tasty Jamaican recipe.
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Jamaican Banana and Mango Split Recipe

A great tasting and unique Jamaican banana split recipe.

Jamaican Banana and Mango Split Recipe
1 Jamaican banana, split
1 Jamaican mango, peeled and sliced
1 tbsp. granola
1 tbsp. Jamaican lime juice
3 oz. cream cheese
3 scoops cottage cheese
3 tbsp. Jamaican honey
cup whipped heavy cream
6 slices Jamaican papaya
1. Place 3 scoops of creamed cottage cheese on Jamaican banana halves sliced lengthwise.
2. Top with Jamaican mango and Jamaican papaya slices. Sprinkle with 1 tbsp. granola. Serve
with dressing by blending 3 oz. cream cheese, 1 tbsp. Jamaican lime juice, 3 tbsp. Jamaican
honey and cup whipped heavy cream.

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