Jamaican Baked Sweet Plantain is a great Jamaican recipe.
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Jamaican Baked Sweet Plantain Recipe

A Jamaican recipe using plantains and sugar

Jamaican Baked Sweet Plantain Recipe
This delicious Jamaican plantain recipe is a favorite Jamaican side dish recipe and can be served
like Jamaican yams.
4 very ripe Jamaican plantains (black)
1 cup (low fat) milk 
cup brown sugar
 4 tbsp. margarine 
1. Peel Jamaican plantains place them in a baking dish and pour the milk and sugar over them.
2. Spread one tbsp. of margarine over the top of each Jamaican plantain.
3. Bake at 400 for about 1/2 hour.
Jamaican cooks and chefs use this side dish much like the Jamaican candied yam recipe.

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