Jamaican Apple And Mango Chutney Recipe is possibly one of the most tasty Jamaican recipes.
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Jamaican Apple And Mango Chutney Recipe

A Jamaican recipe blending apples and mangoes

Jamaican Apple & Mango Chutney Recipe
A great combination of the Jamaican apple and the Jamaican mango for a delicious mango
chutney recipe.
6 large green Jamaican mangoes
6 Jamaican apples
cup Jamaican peanuts
1 Jamaican green pepper minced
1 piece Jamaican ginger root, minced
2 tsp. whole Jamaican cloves
1 tbsp. salt
1 qt. Jamaican cider vinegar
2 lbs. Jamaican brown sugar
1 Jamaican lemon
1. Combine all ingredients in a large pot and add a small amount of water.
2. Allow the ingredients to boil and continue to stir the mixture until boiled down.
3. Pour out into a jar and allow to cool then refrigerate.

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