Jamaican Pineapple Recipes
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Jamaican Pineapple Recipes

Jamapple Pineapple Recipes - Blend Of Apple And Pineapple

The Jamaican pineapple and the Jamaican  otaheiti apple are two of the most popular fruits not only in Jamaica but across the world. This authentic Jamaican recipe is a blend between the two to give a unique and exotic taste.


8 ripe Jamaican otaheiti apples

1 cup Jamaican orange juice

2 medium sized Jamaican pineapples

1 cup red wine

2 cups sugar

cup cornstarch

  teaspoon of Jamaican cinnamon

1 tbsp. grated sugar

grated Jamaican ginger

1 tsp. Jamaican orange zest


1.       Peel, wash and dice the Jamaican otaheiti apples and Jamaican pineapples.

2.       Blend the Jamaican apples, Jamaican pineapples, Jamaican cinnamon, grated Jamaican ginger, arrange zest and sugar together with enough water.

3.       Strain the blended mixture and pour the liquid into a saucepan to boil.

4.       Combine 1 cup of red wine and 1 cup of orange juice to the boiling mixture.

5.       Slowly add cup of cornstarch to the cup

6.       Boil until slightly thickened under a medium flame

Remove from the flame and put to chill. Serves 20 persons

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