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Jamaica Music

Jamaican MusicJamaican music is one of the most diverse and in demand music globally. With Jamaican reggae and Jamaican dancehall leading the way. This webpage provides you with a direct link to every aspect of the Jamaican music genre starting with access to live Jamaican music online to where to purchase Jamaican CD's.

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Jamaica Music Overview

Jamaica music can be divided into several genres. The most notable genre of Jamaica music is reggae music, which incidentally it can be divided into several subsections. Other popular Jamaica music genres include mento, ska and dub music. Jamaica music is akin to Jamaican culture and uses a plethora of beats that is really known as the grandfather of American rap and hip hop. Jamaica music has been the catalyst for other types of Caribbean music such as Calypso and soca which is similar to reggae and dancehall. The size of the Jamaican Diaspora has helped in the promotion of Jamaica music as well and has led to the opening of many Jamaica music centers globally especially in the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom. Get Jamaica.Com gives a brief review of the different types of Jamaica music since the late 1800’s with albums of each type of Jamaica music a very useful resource on the internet.

Junkanoo Jamaica Music: The most popular type of Jamaica music during this period was the Junkanoo. This was a blend of Jamaica folk music using common instruments such as shakers and drums. Junkanoo has its roots in African tradition and is much more prevalent as a Jamaica music form in the Maroons. Junkanoo Jamaica music was never recorded on vinyl and still to this day plays a big role in Jamaica cultural festivals.

Mento Band: Mento was the type of Jamaica music that dominated throughout this period. Jamaica music mento was first recorded during the 1950s. The pioneer of Jamaica music Mento is Mr. Stanley Motta the later store and shop owner ‘Stanley Motta’s. Mento was actually a blend between calypso and Jamaica folk music and excellent blend that had many legends in this type of Jamaica music.

Sound Systems: Sound Systems or sets and sessions emerged during this era in Jamaica music. These were just men with turntables and vinyl records spinning the latest tunes. Jamaica music scene came to life when Sir Coxsone Dodd and others began to move these sound systems around. This has lived to this day in sound systems such as Stone Love and Adonis.

Ska and the Skatalites: The most lively and distinctive era in Jamaica music. The birth of Ska and reggae is really heralded during this decade. Ska is a fast moving dancing that fit in well with an upbeat rhythm. This type of Jamaica music was perfected by the Skatalites a ska band that was eventually retired in the year 2002. Out of the ska era in Jamaica music came the upcoming artistes such as Toots and The Maytals, Desmond Decker and the indomitable Bob Marley and the Wailers, the group that placed Jamaica music on the map.

Deejays: Out of Jamaica music came the deejays. These Jamaica music artistes used a type of poetry with a slow repetitive beat called the rhythm. This is actually known as the emergence of dancehall as a new genre of Jamaica music. From this slow paced rhythm deejays would speak and speak and speak but it connected with Jamaicans globally. This type of Jamaica music was immensely popular because it focused on everyday Jamaica life.

Rock steady: Rock steady is another genre in Jamaica music that typified the post independence mood of Jamaica in the 1960s. The emergence of Bob Marley and the Wailers and individual performers such as Elton Ellis. Rock steady is consistent with a strong beat and rhythmic sounds. The Jamaica music genre was enhanced by slow steady singing by people such as DJ Yellow Man and his popular rhetoric such as I’m getting married in the morning.

Dancehall: The most popular Jamaica music genre over the last two decades. A spin off of rock steady and other dub genres of Jamaica music dancehall reaches the main stream of Jamaica. The lyrical content has moved from the regular political and social issues to other issues such as crime and everyday life. Jamaican dancehall has actually been blamed for the rise in Jamaican crime due to the violent nature of Jamaica dancehall music.

Reggae: The genre of reggae Jamaica music is a true blend of  mento, ska and rock steady. True reggae superstars emerged such as Bob Marley and the Wailers, Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer leader of the wailers. The rise of Bob Marley in Jamaica was boosted by the new religion of Rastafarianism and how attractive the teachings were to the masses. This heralded Marley and his songs as prophetic. This led to more and more artistes emerging from the genre. We can continue to focus other great artistes such as Sly and Robbie but we have provided great Jamaica music in the genre here for purchase.

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