Jamaican Jerk Recipes are the most popular recipe in the Jamaican cuisine.
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Jamaican Jerk Recipes

The Most popular recipes in Jamaican cuisine

The Jerk turkey recipe is now as popular as any Jamaican Jerk recipe that is prepared by Jamaican cooks and professional chefs alike. To prepare great Jamaican turkey recipes you should read this article to learn tips and hints used by Jamaican cooks and chefs.

The turkey is almost the national bird of the US and is a must on American tables for Thanksgiving dinner. In Jamaica, it is steadily becoming a favorite for Christmas dinner. Preparing the turkey Jamaican style is a tricky technique, get the best Jamaican turkey recipe you must marinate, season and reduce dryness in your turkey to get the exotic taste.

When preparing your turkey using any Jamaican turkey recipe first follow these steps:

        Do not just take the frozen turkey home and throw it in the freezer. You should thaw, season the turkey with Jamaican seasonings and marinate it first. To thaw, put frozen bird under cool running water for half an hour. Do not allow a thawed turkey to stand at room temperature.

        The turkey should be marinated for at least a day before roasting to allow the Jamaican herbs and spices to seep through and obtain that authentic Jamaican flavor. For the marinade, gather Jamaican thyme, Jamaican escallion, Jamaican garlic, and all-purpose seasoning.

        Ensure that the Jamaican seasonings are chopped as finely as possible, and grind together, then mix in corn oil. The corn oil is used because it acts as a buffer between the heat and the turkey when preparing the Jamaican turkey recipe and gives it a nice brown color.

        The Jamaican herb and spiced marinate mixture should be poured over turkey, and also rubbed inside and out of the bird.

        Bake the turkey with the skin on. The turkey is the most coarse meat in the poultry family. When the skin is left on, the Jamaican herbs and spice go through the skin and give the meat a nice, juicy and authentic Jamaican taste. This process reduces some of the meat's coarseness.

        Never stuff the turkey until you are ready to cook it. Microscopic bacteria will multiply and quickly spoil the meat, so regardless of how well you prepare your Jamaican turkey recipe it wont taste good.

        Do not overfill the turkey as the stuffing expands during cooking and could split the skin if too tightly packed.

Garnishing the turkey with Jamaican garnishes enhances the presentation of the turkey on your dinner table. Sliced baked potatoes with Jamaican jerk sauce gives the turkey a wonderful spicy taste and seem to remove the coarse taste that the Jamaican turkey recipe is used to.

Many Jamaican cooks and Jamaican chefs decide to purchase pre-stuffed turkey, this can still be used in Jamaican turkey recipes. The major objective will be to ensure that you use authentic Jamaican seasonings. After purchasing the turkey, remove the wrappings and place turkey on a rack in a shallow open pan. Cook in preheated 180C/350F oven for one hour.  Take turkey from oven, remove neck and cook until done. The neck and chopped giblets can, of course, very nicely be simmered with the chopped Jamaican onions, Jamaican celery, with some leafy green tops, salt and ground black pepper, and other great Jamaican seasonings to make a Jamaican sauce or gravy recipe.

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