Jamaican Government Agencies and Ministries Of Government, the full website directory.
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Jamaican Government Agencies and Ministries

Government Ministry By Sectors Of Jamaica

A list of all Jamaican government and ministries. these agencies handle the separate ministries and ministry works within the government of Jamaica. The Jamaican government is divided into ministries, each one has a specific role to play in a sector of the economy. You can find the complete list of government agencies listed here.

High Comm. - UK Int'l Seabed Authority Scientific Research
Intellectual Property Office Invest Jamaica Social Development Commission
Agricultural Support Jamaica Customs Solid Waste Management
Jamaica Labour Exchange St. James Parish Council
Office of Disaster Prep. Jamaica Mission - U.N. Statistical Institute
Bureau of Standards Jamaica Revenue Service U.S. Embassy Kingston
Child Development Agency Jamaica Tax Admin Online Wastewater Mgmt.
Civil Aviation Authority JASPEV
Jamaica Defence Force JExporter
Consel General - UN JSIF
Consulate in Chicago Ministry of Agriculture
Crime Stop Ministry of Health
Dept. Correctional Services Ministry of Justice
Education & Culture N.H.T.
E-Jamaica National Health Fund
Finance & Planning Office of Utilities Reg.
Financial Services Comm. Registrar General
FINSAC Supreme Court
Transport & Works
Food Storage Division U.S. Embassy
Foreign Affairs & Trade National Land Agency
Govt. Archives & Records Planning Institute
Govt. of Jamaica Cabinet S.E. Health Authority

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