Jamaica Government - Parliament, Senate, House Of Representatives And The Speaker.
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Jamaica Government

The Jamaica government is the largest organization in the country with over 300 different ministries and government agencies. These handle everything from the Jamaican financial status to the economy to the amendment of the Jamaican constitution The Government of Jamaica is broken down into several sectors that you can visit through the get Jamaica portal.

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Jamaica Government

Jamaica government is known as a parliamentary democracy which is based on a representational system of government. Jamaica government is a constitutional monarchy and as a unitary state is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. The Jamaican constitution was based on the Westminster and Whitehall System of Government. This means that the citizens of a country choose the individuals that govern the people. This established government tables laws that must be subscribed to by all the citizens of that country.

Jamaica Government – Monarch : The Queen of England is the head of state for the Jamaica government. The local representative of the queen in Jamaica government is appointed as the Governor General based on the recommendation of the Jamaica Prime Minister. The appointed Governor General should not have any affiliation to any Jamaica government political party. The most legislative power held by the governor general is the power to pardon any convicted criminal person who has been sentenced to death.

Jamaica Government – Parliament : Jamaica government parliament consists of two Houses - the Jamaica government Senate or the Upper House, and a House of Representatives or the Lower House. Parliament is appointed once every five years. This is done by the governor general that dissolves parliament before a Jamaica government general election.

Jamaica Government – Senate : The Jamaica government Senate is made up of 21 senators. All senators are nominated.  All senators are appointed by the Governor-General, with thirteen (13) on the recommendation of the Prime Minister and eight (8) on the recommendation of the Leader of the Opposition.  This is a key part of the structure of Jamaica government. Only four (4) ministers of Jamaica government are appointed from the Senate, and they may have portfolio responsibilities. The Jamaica government Senate usually operates as a review body, rubber stamping bills passed by the lower house or the House of Representatives. Senate can initiate Jamaica government legislation with the exception of money bills.

Jamaica government – House of Representatives : The Jamaican House of Representatives consists of 60 members as per the Jamaican constitution. The Jamaica government retains or earns power by having support of a majority in the lower house or the House of Representatives. Most bills in Jamaica government legislature are started in the lower house. All Bills which are eventually enacted by government must be passed by the majority in the lower house. The House of Representatives has control over the Government’s finances.   Funds cannot be granted nor taxation levied without the approval of the House.

Jamaica Government – The Speaker : The Speaker of the House or Jamaican parliament is elected by the House of Representatives The Speaker of the House is normally affiliated to the Jamaica government ruling party, however at times a person related to Jamaica government opposition party can be selected. The Speaker of the Jamaica government does not take part in debates.  He is charged with ensuring that members of the House stay within the parameters or rules of parliaments and that the rights of the Jamaica government Opposition party are protected.

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