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Jamaican Art

Jamaican Art Galleries

This is a list of Jamaican Art Galleries that display Jamaican art on the internet. This ranges from pictures of Jamaica, Jamaican paintings, Jamaican sculptures and Jamaican abstract art. Jamaican art is divided into several categories. This falls into several categories, sculptures, paintings and many others. Get Jamaica.Com provides a great great searches for Jamaica art types and artists as well. Browse below.

Alexander Cooper Gina Rey Forest Rasta Carvings
Alfred's Poetic Visions Guy Harvey Art Salsa Jamaica
Alia Michèle Orane Harmony Hall Saskia Garel
Alphanso Blake Harold Scheffer Simiya
Anthony Clunie Horane Smith (Author) The Finer Pieces
Hilton Plummer Jamaica Online Art Gallery Train To Skaville
Jambiz International Universal Write Pub.
Jamagination Jennifer M. Garnatz UWI Panoridim
Jamaica Art Joanne Simpson Author
Jamaica Girl John's Art Gallery
Avantgarde Gallery Jonna Brasch
Joshua Higgins
Colin Channer K. Patrick Byles
Sekani Design Life & Debt
Cultural Design Nadine's Gallery
Davis paintings Neville Murray
Deborah Carroll Quality Crafts
Doyen Designs Reggae Moon Gallery
Easy Jammin Art Released Expressions
Ewan McAnuff Artwork
The Ballet Centre
Lucilda Dassardo-Cooper Wassi Art
Frame Centre Gallery Xaymaca Craft
Gallery Hoffstead Obrien Dennis
Gallery of West Indian Art Patricia Wilson
Gene Pearson Sculpture Peter Ferguson
Devon Shaw Photography Praise Academy of Dance

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Jamaican Products & Promotions:

Art As A Career In Jamaica

When it comes to working in the Art field there are concerns that Jamaican citizens have along with other persons in the world with similar views. A set of parents in Jamaica, who participated in a survey, was asked if their children were to want to build a career in the visual arts field if they would offer their support. Only a few of them knew about the amount of jobs which is available in this field.

For the parents who have some knowledge of the potential in the visual arts field, had concerns about the possibility of their child reaching to the position where they can be out of a studio or even playing an important role in a film. There are many resources available to research and teach anyone about basically everything that exists.

Furthermore, parents should fulfill the role of supporting their children if even by just showing a little optimism and interest in what catches their children attention. Doing a research will enable the parent to know all the pros and cons with the idea and therefore be able to make a better judgment.

Majority of artistes in Jamaica make a profitable and prosperous life and are self-employed. All of this is possible due to the systems that they implement. They can also have an impact on the development of the country from the level of success they have. Even reduce the unemployment rate. Parents doing a research might not only surprise them but let them push their children towards such endeavors.

But one of the cons in the jobs in this industry is that people who either seek their products or service takes advantage of them in Jamaica. That is a reason for parents to hold their children back from going in this industry especially if they are staying in Jamaica.

Some employers strive by undercutting artistes and most are clueless about what is being done to them. However, it is not ok for any artiste to price their work too expensive in order to make a lot of money at a fast rate.

Rules and procedures must be outlined as to what service is free and what isn’t and how much a particular service is worth, may it be performing at an event or creating some form of art. Jamaicans should adapt to what is happening in the world so as to be able to not only be looked out for by the locals but people from other countries, like Bob Marley have done.