Jamaica Companies - How To Form A Jamaican Company And All Required Forms.
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Corporate Jamaica Companies

Corporate JamaicaThis is a comprehensive list of Jamaican corporate entities by categories. These companies are all Jamaican and have only Jamaican content.

Jamaican Commercial Banks Jamaican Accounting Firms
Jamaican Credit Unions & Co-ops Jamaican Corporate Agencies
Jamaican Money Remittance Services Jamaican Financial Services
Jamaican Mortgage Banks Jamaican Credit Services
Jamaican Investment Banks Jamaican Technology Companies
Jamaican Insurance Companies Jamaican Miscellaneous Companies
Jamaican Manufacturing Companies Jamaican Restaurants
Jamaican Real Estate Companies Jamaican Lending Agencies
Jamaican Media Houses Jamaican Recording Studios
Jamaican Art Galleries  

Jamaica Companies Overview

Jamaica companies are companies that have been establish under the Jamaica Companies Act. Each company is considered a limited liability company and must fulfill certain criteria. These Jamaica companies must be registered with Registrar Of Companies in Jamaica and receive a company number and lodge several documents before it is legally considered a Jamaican company. Jamaica companies, though not actual persons are separate from its shareholders and directors and hence are truly a legal entities. All Jamaica companies must be registered with the Jamaican registrar of companies and are limited to the amount of shareholders unpaid share capital or by debenture or guarantee over fixed and floating assets used in the set up of the company. It is incumbent on the shareholders and directors of Jamaica companies to ensure that the business honors all contractual liabilities as they themselves might be liable.

Jamaica companies exist under what is known as perpetual succession allowing the change of ownership yet the Jamaican company will remain a going concern. Jamaica companies must file with the Registrar the following documents to become legal Jamaica companies. The Articles of Incorporation. This actually documents that main aim of the business and the internal rules and regulations that govern Jamaica companies including the powers of directors and shareholders. The declaration of compliance advises all who seek to conduct due diligence on the company that that they have complied with the rules and regulations as set forth by the Registrar for Jamaica companies. The final document is the registered office notice. This documents the legal Jamaican address of the company. All Jamaican companies must have a legal address.

Get Jamaica.Com has attached all the requisite forms for company registrations. Jamaica companies are guided by the Jamaica companies’ act of 2004. The act stipulates several key clauses

-         Two Jamaica companies cannot be registered with the same name.

-         All Jamaica companies can be sued.

-         All companies must file documents at the Registrar.

Not filing these documents will attract a penalty fee levied by the Jamaica companies’ registrar. Each of these documents will attract late filing fees if they are not filed within the time specified by Act. Continued default in filing may lead to prosecution, suit or disqualification of the company’s officers.

Particulars of Directors for Jamaica Companies DOWNLOAD IT HERE

This vital document must be filed at the Registrars office no later than 14 days subsequent to Jamaican companies’ incorporation. This document identifies directors who are eligible to enter into business transactions on behalf of the company to the limit as set out by the Persons doing business with the company can ascertain who is capable of entering into transactions on behalf of the company as set out by the Jamaica companies Articles of Association.

Notice of Appointment of Company Secretary  DOWNLOAD IT NOW

Every Jamaican company must have a secretary as mandated by the Jamaica Companies Act 2004.

Registered Office Notice  DOWNLOAD IT HERE

This facilitates due diligence in quickly identifying the exact location of Jamaica companies. All correspondences will be sent to that address both legal and otherwise to ensure compliance.

Annual Returns   DOWNLOAD IT HERE

An annual document that is filed on or before a Jamaica companies incorporation date. This identifies changes in ownership and documents that sale and resale of existing shares.

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