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About Worldwide Realtors Company Limited

Worldwide Realtors Company Limited was incorporated in October 2001 since then has established itself as a strong competitor in the Jamaican web and internet real estate. The CEO Colin Scott has been building web properties for over 9 years in Jamaica and has guided the company into the internet real estate market with his years of experience.

The company seems poised for further growth in the internet world with as it prepares itself for increased sales within the next three - five year period. The Special Projects Division of the company led by Colin Scott  has led the way in establishing a strong global presence by creating several strong branded Jamaican websites. Worldwide Realtors thrives on creativity and ingenuity and seeks the innovations and ideas that can change the world. We anticipate market trends and move quickly to embrace them. We are not afraid to take informed, responsible risks.

Special Projects-Worldwide Realtors Company Limited.
19 Norcross Avenue, Kingston 19
Jamaica - West Indies
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