Ben Johnson Day Jamaican Recipes
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Ben Johnson Day Jamaican Recipes

Ben Johnson Day Quick And Easy Jamaican recipes

On Thursdays in Jamaica it has become a tradition not to cook large meals that will take some time to prepare. In other words these are Easy Gourmet Jamaican recipes. The name Ben Johnson is used to describe these Jamaican recipes because in the 1980s Ben Johnson was a Jamaican born world class sprinter that held the record time in the 100 meter dash. Thursday Jamaican recipes are just a handful of our easy 5 minute Jamaican recipes. These include Jamaican fish Jamaican recipes, Jamaican sandwich and burger Jamaican recipes and Jamaican diet drink Jamaican recipes. The Jamaican diet and health drink Jamaican recipes are sometimes substituted as meals by the health conscious individual. Ben Johnsons day starts from in the morning and ends in the night. There are great Ben Johnson Thursday Breakfast Jamaican recipes.

Jamaican leftover recipes make great Ben Johnson Thursday breakfast Jamaican recipes. Jamaican Fruit Salad recipes are also a great addition. A few slices of a Jamaican apple, Jamaican banana, Jamaican melon, Jamaican naseberry, Jamaican guava, Jamaican pineapple, Jamaican mango, Jamaican papaya (paw-paw), Jamaican orange and/or Jamaican tangerine make a really great Easy Gourmet Jamaican fruit salad breakfast. Other great breakfast Jamaican recipes use other major favorites, eggs, bacons and sausages. These are combined with the cheese and butter and toasted bread slices. Adding Jamaican leftover, Jamaican chicken, Jamaican beef, Jamaican pork, Jamaican mutton, Jamaican shrimp and/or Jamaican lobster dinner recipe from the previous night will also allow you to prepare that recipe in a short space of time without much effort on your part.

The Jamaican Chicken Jamlette. This is the Jamaican Omelets with left over chicken. This is one of the tastiest Jamaican recipes and it is as close to what is know as steak and eggs.

Jamaican Cooking Made Easy Volume III has over 60 Jamaican Ben Johnson Thursday breakfast Jamaican recipes. It must be noted that not all Thursday Jamaican recipes are Easy Gourmet Jamaican recipes. Some Jamaican recipes can be found in our Fish recipe section. On Wednesdays Jamaicans traditionally prepare Jamaican fish recipes. This means that fish sometimes factors heavily in the leftover Jamaican recipes for Thursday morning.

Thursday Jamaican lunch and dinner Jamaican recipes are a bit more gourmet but still takes a short time to prepare and require little effort on the part of the cook or chef. Unlike Jamaican Easy Gourmet Jamaican recipes, Jamaican Ben Johnson Thursday lunch and dinner Jamaican recipes use a lot of leftover recipe meals. Some of these Jamaican recipes use tinned meat such as Jamaican corned beef, tuna, sausages, mackerel, pink salmon, luncheon meat and a host of other tinned Jamaican food. These meals take just under 10 15 minutes to prepare.

Cooking down the Jamaican meal with the seasonings quickly after opening the tinned meat adds to the flavor of a great Thursday recipe. Preparing the side dishes that go along with these meals is also done quickly. In our Jamaican Recipe Collection we have added three great Ben Johnson Thursday Lunch and Dinner tinned food Jamaican recipes, Leftover Mince Beef Burger Recipe, the Jamaican Salt fish & Bean Recipe and the Jamaican Franks & Beans Recipe.

Sandwiches make a part of these great Ben Johnson Jamaican recipes. Jamaican recipes such the Jerk-Witch, which combines Jerk Chicken, Pork & Fish with lettuce, tomatoes, mayonnaise, Jamaican green peppers, Jamaican onion rings and some Jamaican jerk sauce between two slices of hard dough bread.

Ben Johnson Jamaican recipes are on the top of the list for all the women who are just too busy to make that three course meal. These are regular meals that are easy to prepare that dont have all the bells and whistles that the regular Jamaican recipes have. One famous recipe is the Kingston style fried chicken wings. These take about ten minutes to prepare. The chicken is dipped in egg yolk and then dipped in the special bread crumbs with thyme and shredded escallions with a dash of pimento. They are then placed in an already hot pot of oil and fried to crisp. This is a great favorite as a special hors doeuvre.

These light and quick meals are what make Jamaican recipes so diverse. In our Healthy Recipe Guide we focus on a lot of these Jamaican recipes because they can be used to deliver the needed vitamins and minerals necessary to sustain the human body. There are so many fruit and vegetable salad Jamaican recipes in our Jamaican Recipe Collection that we had to create and entire e-cookbook on these Jamaican recipes titled Jamaican Fruit and Jamaican Salad Jamaican recipes Volume I. These Jamaican recipes are also widely used as Ben Johnson Jamaican recipes. Most Jamaican chefs and cooks use these to wow their guests on a Thursday night or during a brunch. Though they are less filling they provide nutrients and add no cholesterol to the diet. These are truly the Jamaican recipes that any healthy minded person would want to consume. Get Jamaica is a big advocate of these Jamaican recipes spread across our e-cookbook collection including these Jamaican recipes, Jamaican Easy Gourmet Jamaican recipes Volume I includes Jamaican recipes that are gourmet in appearance but take a short while to prepare and Jamaican Light and Easy Jamaican recipes Volume I includes Jamaican recipes that are light and less filling also taking a short while to prepare. Ben Johnson Jamaican recipes are spread across these two great e-cookbooks.

So lets review

        Ben Johnson Thursday Jamaican recipes is named after the famed 1980s sprinter Ben Johnson, so named because they are quick and easy to prepare.

        These Jamaican recipes are for breakfast, lunch and dinner Jamaican recipes.

        These Jamaican recipes use leftover, tinned food and quick fix Jamaican recipes.

        Get Jamaica has over 60 Ben Johnson Jamaican recipes.

To get more of Jamaican recipes down load our flagship e-cookbook Jamaican Cooking Made Easy Volume III.

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