Jamaica Breadfruit
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Jamaican Breadfruit

About Jamaican Breadfruit

Jamaican breadfruit is one of the oldest and most versatile Jamaican food used in a wide range of Jamaican food recipes. Jamaican breadfruit can be boiled, roasted and even fried and can be served as a great Jamaican side dish as well as a main course with other Jamaican vegetables, such as Jamaican ackee recipe with fried or roasted breadfruit.

The inaugural Jamaican Breadfruit Festival was held in Jeffrey Town, St. Mary, Jamaica. Jamaican breadfruit can be prepared in a wide variety of recipes ranging from the customary roast breadfruit to Jamaican breadfruit cake recipes, Jamaican breadfruit pudding recipes, Jamaican muffins, Jamaican cookies and the now a popular Jamaican punch drink recipe made from the ripe Jamaican breadfruit. Candied Jamaican breadfruit recipe, has found favor with the scores of Jamaican cooks and chefs.

Another interesting delicacy is the Jamaican breadfruit chips recipe served with Jamaican avocado dip and this has already found favor among those on the cocktail circuit as an excellent Jamaican appetizer recipe.

The Jamaican Breadfruit Festival is nostalgic for the older folks who get the opportunity to again enjoy some breadfruit dishes which they had almost forgotten. Roast breadfruit with run dung; corned pork; with Jamaican jerked/fried chicken along with Jamaican jerked/fried fish, are among the favorites. These Jamaican dishes are complimented with a choice of Jamaican breadfruit salad recipes and a drink of blended Jamaican breadfruit punch drink recipe.

For younger folks, the festival is an opportunity to learn about the various uses of this widely grown fruit and even a little history of the Jamaican plant, which was first introduced on the island in February 1793. The Jeffrey Town Farmers' Association, are very happy with the wonderful turn-out to the Jamaican breadfruit festival and continuously want to hold the festival. The Jamaican breadfruit festival an elderly is a wonderful and refreshing idea that has done well for the development of the Jamaican cuisine.

Jamaican breadfruit recipes are exquisite and since the early 1900s breadfruit has been involved with all aspects of the Jamaican cuisine. The Jamaican breadfruit is used for Jamaican breakfast recipes, Jamaican lunch recipes, Jamaican soup recipes and Jamaican dinner recipes.

To cook Jamaican breadfruit rinse fruits under cool running water and rub the skin with your hands to remove any dried drops of sap. Dont peel the fruits before cooking because the skin may bleed a sticky, white sap when cut. The Jamaican breadfruit skin is easily removed once the Jamaican fruit is cooked. Remove the stem and upper section of the Jamaican breadfruit, cut in half lengthwise, then cut into quarters and remove the core. Place the sections of fruit skin side down in 3 to 5 cm of lightly salted water or in a steamer, add garlic if desired. Steam for 15-20 minutes until tender and the fruit can be easily pierced with a fork. Steam longer for dishes that require mashed fruit. Remove and prepare as desired. Cooked Jamaican breadfruits fruits can be refrigerated for several days or frozen in plastic bags for one to two months.

To bake Jamaican breadfruit, rinse and clean, cut in half and place cut side down on an oiled baking sheet or in a shallow baking pan with 1 to 2 cm of water. Bake at 375-400F for one hour or until the fruit can be easily pierced with a fork. Jamaican breadfruit can also be cooked over a fire. Place a whole breadfruit on the fire, turning until it is uniformly blackened and tender. Remove from fire and use the flat side of a wooden spoon or knife to tap the skin and soften the Jamaican breadfruit. Carefully peel and add butter or coconut cream and salt to taste. Another rich, delectable dish is to take the cooked fruit from the fire, remove the stem and core, and pack the cavity with Jamaican coconut cream or canned corned beef. Return to the fire for 10-15 minutes until the oil has penetrated the flesh of the fruit. Peel and enjoy.

Ripe Jamaican breadfruits should be prepared by baking soft, ripe, whole Jamaican fruits for 40 to 60 minutes at 350 F. Add just enough water to cover the bottom of the pan. Split while hot and season with butter, salt, and pepper. They are also delicious baked with butter or Jamaican coconut cream, sugar, and Jamaican cinnamon.

Immature green Jamaican breadfruits tend to produce a sticky white sap, so rinse well in cool running water. Coating the knife with cooking oil will help keep the sap from gumming up the blade. The sap may also stick to the cooking pot, so use one that can be scrubbed with a rough pad. Cook whole or slice into rings or sections, skin and all. Cook in lightly salted water or steam until tender, marinate or dunk into your favorite dressing or dip.

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