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Buy Jamaican Cooking Made Easy - Third Edition

Jamaican Cookbook

The most comprehensive Jamaican cookbook available on the internet with over 1,000 authentic Jamaican Recipes. Download it today This Jamaican cookbook has the most popular Jamaican recipes such as Ackee and salt fish Jamaican recipe, Jamaican oxtail recipe, Jamaican rice and pea recipe, Jamaican bulla recipe, Jamaican curry goat recipe, Jamaican jerk chicken recipe, Jamaican jerk pork recipe and a host of other popular Jamaican recipes. The Jamaican cookbook also has a massive Jamaican food glossary of over 2,000 Jamaican food terms with over 500 Jamaican cooking tips that will make each Jamaican recipe you prepare special. Jamaican Cooking Made Easy Edition 3 is the largest Jamaican cookbook ever published and is available in hard copy and download.

Jamaican Cooking Made Easy Volume I: Hard Copy

Click The Book To Buy - Read Our Press Release

Sister P - Portia Opposition Leader Of The PNP

Get Jamaica is poking a little fun at Madam Prime Minister we are showing those popular cartoons about her shown on the Jamaica Observer and the Jamaica Gleaner. Here are just a few of her more popular Sister P Cartoon Pictures.
Portia Simpson attempts to juggle the Jamaican budgetPortia Simpson Miller works with Trinidad To Solve some Jamaican Problems
ProblematicTrinidad WoesStick Them Up

Get Jamaican Recipes And Jamaican Food:

Get Jamaica is the online authority on Jamaican recipes and Jamaican food. With a Jamaican recipe collection of over 300 authentic Jamaican recipes, Get Jamaica adds at least 30 new Jamaican recipes each week. Get Jamaica also has the largest online Jamaican  food glossary with over 2,000 Jamaican food terms and an extensive Jamaican food article bank with articles about Jamaican foods such as Jamaican Ackee, Jamaican Breadfruit, Jamaican Callaloo, Jamaican Cassava (Jamaican Bammy), Jamaican Coconut, Jamaican Chocho, Jamaican Grapefruit, Jamaican Guava, Jamaican June Plum, Jamaican Mango, Jamaican Sorrel, Jamaican Yam, Jamaican Naseberry, Jamaican Soursop and a host of other great Jamaican food articles. Jamaican recipes define the Jamaican culture and people and give credence to the motto out of many one cuisine.

Get Jamaica adds at least ten new Jamaican articles each day to our archive on every aspect of Jamaica and Jamaican lifestyle each day. Check out these great Jamaican articles today. Today we would like to highlight the some of the top websites in the Get Jamaica Network, one such website is the Cayman-Company.Com that deals with Cayman company formation.

Jamaican Recipes And Jamaican Food Resource Center

The Jamaican recipe and Jamaican food resource center provides more information about Jamaican food recipes and Jamaican food including herbs and spices where to purchase Jamaican food and how to properly prepare these Jamaican foods. If you are a professional cook or chef then this resource center has been designed with you in mind. Beginning with a resource center full of Jamaican food articles. The Jamaican food store provides over 1,000 authentic Jamaican food products. We also provide Jamaican cooking tips and hints to assist you in preparing our great Jamaican recipes.
Jamaican Food Article ResourcesJamaican Food Store
Jamaican Cooking Tips And HintsJamaican Food Glossary

New Jamaican Recipes Added Collection

We have added another ten new Jamaican recipes to our Jamaican recipe collection.
Jamaican Recipe - Kingston Easter Bun
Jamaican Recipe - Portland Blue Drawers
Jamaican Recipe - Downtown Rock Bun
Jamaican Recipe - Jamaica Bulla Recipe2
Jamaican Recipe - Montego Bay Easter Bun
Jamaican Recipe - Normas Christmas Cake
Jamaican Recipe - St. Ann Ackee Cake
Jamaican Recipe - Kingston Ackee Cheese Cake
Jamaican Recipe - Portland Banana Orange Smoothie
Jamaican Recipe - Whitehouse Lobster Patty
Jamaican Recipe - Baked Callaloo
Jamaican Recipe - Plantains In Red Wine
Jamaican Recipe - Red Pepper Paste
Jamaican Recipe - Callaloo Salad
Jamaican Recipe - Coconut Bread
Jamaican Recipe - Rice & Okra
Jamaican Recipe - St. Thomas Custard Recipe
Jamaican Recipe - Blue Mountain Coffee Gravy
Jamaican Recipe - Westmoreland Sauce
Jamaican Recipe - Coolie Curry Paste
Jamaican Recipe - Callaloo Fritter
Jamaican Recipe - Portmore Crab Back
Jamaican Recipe - Curried Chicken Tris
Jamaican Recipe - Coconut Chicken II
Jamaican Recipe - Golden Jamnuggets
Jamaican Recipe - Chicken Roll Ups In Roti
Jamaican Recipe - Sweet-N-Sour Meatballs
Jamaicen Recipe - Jerk-BQ Chicken Appetizers
Jamaican Recipe - Jerk Turkey Tenders
Jamaican Recipe - Crab And Pear Cocktail

Jamaican Recipes - Overview

Jamaican recipes are possibly the most important and diverse aspect of eth Jamaican culture. It in fact defines exactly what we term as the Jamaican culture. Jamaican recipes utilize almost every indigenous Jamaican ingredient and some other internationally produced ingredients as well; these create the unique taste that has become the trademark of Jamaican recipes worldwide. The most notable fact about Jamaican recipes is that it encompasses all types of tastes. Jamaican recipe tastes are hot as in peppery and spicy as well; the recipes have a mild taste as well. However Jamaican recipes add to the diversity of world cuisine as these recipes deal with a wide range of categories, Jamaican appetizer recipes, Jamaican breakfast recipes, Jamaican lunch and brunch recipes and Jamaican dinner recipes. The recipes are focused on meat based Jamaican recipes, vegetable Jamaican recipes and a large variety of Jamaican fruit based recipes. Get Jamaica, the home of Jamaican recipes explores almost every aspect of the Jamaican cuisine. With a Jamaican recipe collection of over 400 Jamaican recipes and a downloadable Jamaican cookbook of over 1,000 of the best Jamaican recipes, we have left none to chance.

Caribbean recipes are complemented by the Jamaican recipe collection, Get Trinidad – The home of Trinidad recipes is also another great resource of Caribbean recipes. Jamaican recipes differ from other Caribbean recipes because of the type of ingredients that are used coupled with the spices. Jamaican recipes use fruit such as the ackee and spices such as the Jamaican pimento. These make Jamaican dishes have that unique taste that has allowed Jamaican recipes to surpass it Caribbean counterparts. Jamaican recipes are renowned for their unique taste and keep the diner coming back for more. Jamaican recipes such as ackee cake recipe, Jamaican mango recipes and Jamaican pimento recipes are known for their unique taste. These are prepared carefully and it takes months of practice as a chef to actually getting these recipes taste delicious. However the trademark Jamaican recipes such as Jamaican Jerk Recipes are what have made the cuisine one to be revered. In the top hotels on Jamaica’s north coast Jamaican recipes are the most popular dishes served, despite the fact of other cuisines being cooked on the hotel premises. Most tourists indulge in popular recipes such as sweet potato pudding recipes and Jamaican cake recipes. Jamaican food recipes are of the utmost importance to the Jamaican tourism sector. Get Jamaica.Com has also launched into Cayman Company Formations And Bookings In Jamaican Travel.

Jamaica real estate is used for farming is mainly done for Jamaican sugar cane and other delicious ground provisions that are used in a host of Jamaican recipes.  The real trick to getting Jamaican recipes correct is using three main Jamaican ingredients, Jamaican pimento, Jamaican scallion (known as the Jamaican green onion), Jamaican thyme, Jamaican scotch bonnet pepper and Jamaican cinnamon. When you mix these ingredients together you will get the unique Jamaican recipe taste. To do this accurately you must dice all the ingredients to together and place in a blender and puree with a small amount of water. Then the resulting mix almost a Jamaican marinade, the meat must be soaked in the Jamaican marinade recipe over night. When removed it must be cooked quickly.

Jamaican Article Bank

The Jamaican article bank is a database of Jamaican articles on Jamaican food, Jamaican recipes, Jamaican travel, Jamaican investment and other information on Jamaica and Jamaican culture. We add at least ten new articles to our Jamaican article bank each day. We list our new featured Jamaican article here each week. Today's Featured Article - About Jamaican Conch Recipes Second Featured Article -

Jamaican Jerk Chicken Recipe - Resource Center

Jerk Chicken is possibly the most popular Jamaican recipe known. It is even more popular than the Jamaican Ackee and Salt fish recipe which is incidentally the Jamaican national dish. Jamaican food recipes are almost new to many chefs and our Jamaican cookbook provides the right assistance to any cook or chef that want to learn how to prepare Jamaican food recipes well. With more than 50 Jamaican Jerk recipes and over 20 Jerk Chicken recipes, the Jamaican cookbook is possibly the best source of Jerk Chicken knowledge on the internet. This section provides a resource center on Jerk chicken starting with the history and origin of Jerk chicken to the most popular jerk chicken recipes that we have in our free Jamaican recipe collection.
History of Jerk Chicken 
Jerk Chicken RubJerk Chicken Pasta
Jerk Chicken MarinadeJerk Chicken Pasta Recipe II
Jerk Chicken WingsJerk Chicken Sauce
Jerk Chicken RecipeJerk Chicken Caribbean Style
Jerk Chicken Jamaican StyleJerk Chicken Homeade

Jamaican Recipes - The Frozen Jamaican Recipe

Get Jamaica.Com has added over 80 new recipes to our collection within the last three months. As is our promise our Jamaican recipes are all tried proven and tested by our in-house and already established Jamaican chefs. These Jamaican recipes are not only tasty but are innovative, original and authentic Jamaican recipes designed by using a series of Jamaican herbs and spices blended with Jamaican foods and Jamaican food products to bring out that wonderful Jamaican taste. We have further tested several Jamaican spices that we used sparsely in our Jamaican recipe cookbook, this includes Jamaican spices such as dried thyme, Jamaican cloves and Jamaican pimento and Jamaican cinnamon. All these Jamaican spices are used in recipes globally but when blended together create a unique taste that is only Jamaican in origin and is what give the Jamaican recipes its spark. However it is not just Jamaican spices that make these Jamaican recipes special. They are just a sneak preview of what is to come in the 2008 version of Jamaican Cooking Made Easy – The Fourth Edition. The Third Edition will be published on hardcopy on May 1, 2007. You can buy a copy of the Third Edition now in .PDF format today.

Jamaican recipes have now come under another grip of focus. This is the new introduction of frozen recipes or frozen prepared Jamaican food recipes. New products such as the Grace products Ready Porridge. The question now is can these ready made Jamaican food and Jamaican recipe products take the place of kitchen made Jamaican recipes. Many Jamaican chefs have mixed emotions about these Jamaican recipe products and have lamented that it will take away from the true taste of Jamaican recipes as the authentic taste will be skewed by additives and preservatives that will deliver a misleading flavor to Jamaican recipes. However the detractors do not feel this way. Others believe that the Jamaican taste will remain as a base of Jamaican food. This is specifically because the limitation of using fresh Jamaican spices and Jamaican herbs that are otherwise key in using Jamaican recipes. Get Jamaica.Com has reviewed several of these Jamaican food products and have come to the conclusion that Jamaican recipes can and will be adversely affected by these Ready-Made Jamaican food products. The major problem is that Jamaican food is best prepared in three of the major cooking methods used in Jamaican recipes. The first authentic Jamaican cooking method is jerking. Jerking using the Jamaican Jerk pan is not conducive to preparing recipes to be frozen or reheated. During the reheating process some amount of steam is used and this makes the Jamaican jerk recipe soggy when it should be dry and at times crisp. Jamaican recipes are also best prepared using the braising method, another preparation method not conducive to reheating. It is not to be said that Jamaican soup recipes and other liquid based Jamaican recipes will not retain that authentic taste under pressure, however ready to eat recipes out of the tin will not retain that great Jamaican taste. We do recommend several of these Jamaican food recipe products, these can be found in our Jamaican food store that will be launched within the next three months.

Jamaican Food Recipes - The Heart Of Jamaican Cuisine

Jamaican cuisine continues to evolve daily. This is due to the continuous refinement of Jamaican spices and herbs. These Jamaican herbs and spices turn a Jamaican recipe into a delicious meal. Spice such as Jamaican pimento are excellent and cannot be mistaken for any other type of spice. However most Jamaican cooks and chefs don’t realize that it is the recipe that at times demands the development of certain Jamaican food recipes and not the food that causese the creation of a Jamaican recipe. Get Jamaica.Com is possibly the best source of Jamaican cooking recipes and Jamaican food recipes online. Added to the new collection to bolster our position Food Jamaica.Com will be launched in a few days selling Jamaican food products specifically for Jamaican food recipes.

Jamaican foods such as Grace food products are used to make these Jamaican food recipes even better. Products such as Grace Ackee and Grace Callaloo are used to make superb Jamaican recipes.